sony xperia Colour burst

* Note: You're looking at a somewhat old project, kept here for the sake of nostaliga *

Sony Colour Burst is a photo app featuring 4 super nice effects:
Flare - Allowing you to create an explosion of colours by clapping your hands
Torrent - Rub an image to make to colour drip
Atomise - Disintegrating the movements
Flux - Using the moving lights in the scene to create light trails


Colour Burst buffers the last 5 seconds of your camera in order to create breath-taking and surprising effects. For example; using the last 10 frames to create a deconstructed effect on your friend running across the screen, or using the sound of hands clapping to trigger the shutter and an explosion of colours at the place of the impact.

Ebola Ebola

Agency: Less Rain - 2013
Design: Adeline O’Moreau
Developpement: Joshua Newnham