Nice to meet you.
I’m Adeline, an (interaction) designer + illustrator made in Belgium and raised in Europe. Currently, I live, work and ride bikes in London.

I care about connected things that work nicely and that matter to other humans. More simply, I draw things for the Internet.

There is but one rule in my life: make the 7-year-old-me proud. Back then, I had a pet slug called Edwige, made a complete set of rip-off Pokemon cards branded Mochéconne* and every single pockets of my dungarees were full of interesting stuff I found in the garden. So there is quite a bit of work to do.

I feel lucky to have worked with amazing and inspiring people, including :

* it works well in French because it sounds similar to Pokemon but actually means ugly and stupid.
At the time, the other kids didn’t appreciate the idea.