Preventing Ebola

A series of two educational posters to help prevent the spread of the ebola virus.

We found out that the printed material used to prevent and educate where heavily reliant on text and scary or sensational, when not simply confusing.

With guidance from Unicef and MSF, we designed two stripped-down posters around symptoms and preventions. They are aimed at individuals, families and communities and use iconography with supportive text in clear practical terms on ways to minimise the risk of spreading ebola.

We deliberately made them easy to replicate, quick to reproduce and print-out, legible in black and white, with space for the local emergency number to be added.

Ebola Ebola

Google Creative Lab, with the guidance of Unicef and MSF - 2014
Art direction: Steve Vranakis & Hana Tanimura
Design: Hana Tanimura & Adeline O’Moreau