Elvie Pump

UX/UI of the Elvie Pump companion app, the world’s first silent, wearable breast pump.

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As Elvie Pump is a completely new product category, the companion app played a crucial educative role in the unboxing and onboarding process, as well as support through the pumping journey.

With the pump tucked inside the bra, the person pumping can reclaim both their hands and their time. Through the app, they can control one or both pumps, as well as monitor the volume of milk that is being expressed on each side, automatically switching mode at let down and pausing when the bottle is full. In the History section, milk volumes can be tracked for each breast over time, which is helpful to understand trends and changes.

Elvie Pump App

We designed based on user research from Elvie’s two go to markets: the US and the UK. The differences in health care systems makes the breast pumping journeys dissimilar. We met breastfeeding women in both countries to test and validate our designs through the process.

Elvie Pump App

Design itterations of the home and history screens, from first draft to App V1

Elvie Pump App

Elvie Pump at the London Design Museum as part of the Beazly Design of the Year 2019 exhibition.

Awards & recognitions

Elvie Pump was first announced in September 2018 and sold out in minutes when it was first available to buy in October.

Red Dot : Best of the best 2020

Nominee: Beazley Design of the Year 2019 / Product

Dezeen Wearable design of the year 2019

Elvie - 2017-2018
Digital product design: Adeline O'Moreau & Nestor Pestana
Product Manager: Clare Ross, CTO: Ben Levy, Dev: Simon Hamp & Untitled Kingdom


Complete redesign of the responsive website of fem-tech company Elvie, including UX, UI, e-commerce, content platform and proactive support.

+ http://elvie.com/ Elvie wesbite

Elvie.com went from being dedicated to the trainer, to being the home of two very different products. We kept the structure of each product's page familiar, making it very simple to digest at first glance, whilst allowing users to dive deeper in the details.

We used a module-based approach, that helped us roll out content quickly as well as future-proof the system for the arrival of more products in the future. Since then, Elvie launched a further two products which could fit in the structure, a testament of the flexibility of the design.

Elvie Pump App

As Elvie Trainer and Elvie Pump are quite intimate products, trust is paramount. Alongside the hero shots, We also gathered testimonies from pumping people, providing real-life insight and building trust.

Prospective customers return several times to the site before purchasing and the website is also one of the first destination for any questions about the product during the long relationship women will have with it. The website and Elvie apps share a familiary visual language, as well as centralized support information. The website is also home to lots of content from Elvie, for which users return to often, as well as a dedicated support section.

Elvie - 2018
Design: Adeline O'Moreau, Dev: Simon Hamp