One Thousand Kilometers

Cycling completely changed my life.I was grumpy and broke when commuting in public transport, I'm healthy and stoked since I ride everywhere.

It got me wonder, why do people still take the tube - or drive - to work in London ?
How could I demonstrate the benefits of cycling, hoping to convince everyone to get off the bus and pedal ?


1000 bornes compares my Strava data and Google Maps itinerary to show to the worl how much time and money I save.

Zdenek Hynek and myself built a fully working prototype. Lately, we found better data sources and are now working on making it available to anyone. By simply signing up with Strava, you will soon be able to put the numbers on your commuting habbits.


Self initiated project - ongoing
Creative+Design: Adeline O’Moreau
Developpement: Zdenek Hynek