Look & See

An activity book for Square Eyes

There is no consensus of what might be a healthy amount of screen time a day for adults, though one source recommends a two hours limit (!). One we exceed by almost 8 hours, daily.

Posters composition: itchy, dry eyes? seeing double or blury? Don't design through computer vision syndrome

If you used to get screen reports at the end of the week, they might have started to look quite scary after March 2020. Mine certainly did and I turned the feature off when curiosity morphed into disgust.

The feelings are shared amongst all our colleagues. We loathe the always-on mentality, yet we can't leave our desk by fear of missing something. We are designers and makers, but we found ourselves struggling to break away from the surface of our screens.

Once we took a second to look at our practice, the verdict was pretty clear: we all had a bad case of the Square Eyes.

So we created a Square Eyes Activity Book to encourage people to care for their eyes, and maybe to remind them to look at things differently sometimes.

Skew page line up lined up Draw a horizon drawn horizon A person holding opaque glasses with small holes seeing a calendar full of meetings

There are lots more things you can do to look after your eyes and sight: *

  • – Get regular eye checks
  • – Get your desk, screen and chair setup correctly
  • – Use a high quality screen
  • – Adjust the screen settings
  • – Reduce glare
  • – Think about lighting in your room– Use a blue light filter– Take regular ‘blink breaks’
  • – Massage your eyes
  • – Do eye movement exercises
  • – Look at things at different distances
  • – Take breaks from your screen

Self initiated project, at Method - 2021
Team: Adeline Moreau & Luke Thompson

*We obviously aren’t doctors – and you should see an optometrist if you have any concerns about your eyes.
But not looking at a screen for a bit might be a good start. I know – why not read a zine? On paper. With a tea.